4 Tips for Getting Those Thank-You Notes Done

Ready to write your thank-you notes?

Once your have your list of people to thank and the perfect stationary, it’s time to get writing. Here are a few tips for getting the job done efficiently while keeping it heartfelt:

Set a goal. Choose to do 3 or 4 notes a day versus writing all of them at once. Doing so will keep you from hating the process or producing sloppy notes without meaning.

Personalize your notes. Make references to how you are enjoying their gift and to the person as well. Comment on how nice it was to see them at the wedding.

Be enthusiastic without exaggerating. Don’t tell every person their gift was your favorite, or the most wonderful gift in the world.

Work together. Rather than splitting up the task between you and your new spouse, people will really enjoy if both of you include a small note of thanks on their card.

The most important thing is to actually send them out. Even if months have passed since your wedding, don’t use it as an excuse to not write your thank yous. Better late than never!

Looking to get creative with your thank-you notes? Let a Central Iowa designer help you create the perfect thank-you card!

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