7 Wedding Gifts for Your Parents

Signing checks, supporting you through your bridezilla moments, and of course, raising you to be a desirable spouse—let’s face it, parents get the brunt work of a wedding while you get to shine. How can any gift possibly show the amount of gratitude you have for your parents on your wedding day?

The perfect wedding gift for your parents might be impossible to find. When you have so much going on with planning your wedding, don’t let gift-giving be a stressor. It is meant to be done with love and gratitude.

Even if you don’t have a physical gift to give your parents or your new in-laws on your wedding day, there are plenty of ways to thank them. The following is a list of both physical and sentimental gift options for your parents:

Embroidered details: There are plenty of hand-sewn goodies out there with meaningful messages that you can buy from Etsy. If you aren’t crafty, you can find plenty of vendors who will sew a patch onto your dad’s tie or on the inside of his jacket. A seamstress might be able to make a handkerchief for your mom or mother-in-law. These personal touches will stay with your parents forever.

Thank them in your video: Plan a moment with your videographer to film you and your groom saying a special “thank you” message for your parents. Have a video revealing get-together when it is ready, and wait for their surprised expressions when they see your message. That will mean more to them than any material gift.

Host a big family dinner: When all is said and done, invite both sets of parents over for dinner using fancy kitchenware you got from your registry. Thank them by making memories as a new family. Show them how much it means to you both that your families are now combined.Jewelry: This is a no-brainer of course. With all of the meaningful and symbolic jewelry out there, you can’t go wrong with an engraved necklace or bracelet for your mom.

Handwritten card: When you really don’t know what to get or the wedding has run your bank account dry, a card that is handwritten and from the heart is just as valuable, if not more so, than a physical gift. The fact that you took the time to acknowledge them and write the card shows that you’re grateful for all they did, and, if done right, that should be enough.

Experiences: Get creative here. How can you re-create your favorite memories with your parents or treat them to something you know they love? This is how I thanked my parents. I bought Mom and I tickets to see The Sound of Music at the Des Moines Performing Arts, a favorite movie we always watched with my grandmother. Included is a fancy night out on the town with her daughter. For Dad, I entered me and him in a 5k, because it has been a goal of his to do one. My groom did something similar for his mom: A Saturday for just the two of them to spend time together. Or, get your parents something they can do together, like a weekend getaway or a date night.

Framed wedding photos: No one says you have to have their gift on the actual wedding day. Show your gratitude a few months later by giving them framed professional photos of you with them from the wedding.

No matter what kind of gift you give your parents, the important part is to thank them. Showing gratitude comes in various ways and is different for everybody. Pick the method that’s meaningful for you.

What ideas do you have for thanking your parents? 


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