5 Benefits of Having 2 Maids of Honor

Are you having trouble deciding on one person to be your maid of honor?

Maybe you have two close friends you grew up with or two sisters who know you better than you know yourself. How do you pick one over the other?

The maid of honor is a cherished role in the wedding party, but sometimes, choosing one person to honor is complicated. So, why pick one? If you have two close people in your life who you feel both deserve the role, have two maids of honor!

While you may see one maid of honor as the more traditional option, you have every right to choose two. In fact, having two can make your wedding planning and the big day go more smoothly.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s great to have two maids of honor.

1. No hurt feelings

Deciding to have two best friends or sisters as your maids of honor ensures that there are no hidden jealousies between your bridesmaids. However, you should only choose to have two maids of honor because you truly can’t picture your wedding without both of them being up there with you. It’s not a decision to make if you feel pressured from anyone to pick two, it has to be your decision.

2. It’s easier on them

From planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party to helping you assemble flower bouquets, there’s a lot of pressure that falls on the maid of honor. Sharing the duties helps prevent burnout and keep the positive energy going among your bridal party. They may even enjoy giving a speech together instead of only one of them speaking in front of a crowd.

3. Each brings their own set of skills

The two maids of honor you choose will bring to the table their own gifts and personalities, making your wedding the best it can be. One friend might be more crafty and organized while the other is known for planning a memorable party. Take advantage of what each girl is best at when splitting up duties.

4. Better communication

Having two maids of honor means there are two people who know all the details and can keep the rest of the wedding party informed. You’re better able to keep everyone on the same track when there are two people who know what’s going on. The two of them can also communicate with your vendors on the big day, making sure everything goes smoothly.

5. Less stress on you!

The more girls who have your back, the easier wedding planning will be on you. While you might think you want to do everything yourself, wedding planning has so many elements to it that at some point, you’ll realize you’ll take all the help you can get!

Wedding planning isn’t always easy, and choosing your maid of honor is a decision to take seriously. If you can’t decide between two people, why not include them both? You’ll love having the extra help, and they’ll love that they can share the duties.

Happy planning!

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