Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

While the idea of the wedding registry seems exciting, many brides get overwhelmed by it. What kind of price range should you go with? Is it too ridiculous to put that fancy coffee maker on there? How many sets of dinnerware should I register for?

You compare prices and stores. Maybe your groom doesn’t agree with some of the items. Many brides just feel uncomfortable asking for what they want.

Here’s the thing – your guests are going to get you gifts for your wedding. You may make a registry, but they still have the freedom to buy you whatever they choose. Don’t think of it as demanding what you want, rather you’re giving your guests an option, an idea of what you need and what you like.

Here are a few tips to making the wedding registry process a breeze.

How to Create Your Wedding Registry Without Stress

Think about what you like to do as a couple.

Yes, you’ll need traditional household items, but take this opportunity to support your hobbies and passions as a couple. Do you love to camp or go hiking? Register for outdoor gear. Do you have a dog together that you treat like your child? Register for a nice dog bed. Include things on the registry that reflect your life as a couple in addition to the everyday things you need.

Create the registry together.

You don’t need to agree on every single item, but you do need to include things that will benefit both of you. Ask your groom what is important to him. He might be in need of new tools or cookware that you’re not aware of.

Include products in a range of prices.

People know how much they want to spend before they look at your registry. Including items at plenty of price ranges gives them the opportunity to mix and match products to reach their price range. Don’t be afraid to include expensive items as well. Sometimes people like to go in together to get a nicer gift on your list. Just have a nice mix of inexpensive items so it doesn’t appear that you expect everyone to spend so much on your gift.

Register with 2 to 4 stores.

It’s a good idea to give your guests options as to where they buy your gifts. To make it easy on you and your guests, categorize your registry items with the store. For example, register for all of your bedding and bath supplies at one store and all of your kitchen products at another.

Include enough dinnerware.

When it’s just you and your fiance, you might not see the need to get more than one set of plates. But you’ll need them for having guests or dinner parties. It’s recommended to register for 8 to 12 place settings.

Register for more than you need.

It’s great to have plenty of options for your guests. They’ll want to get you gifts for your shower, your wedding, maybe even an engagement party. It doesn’t look greedy to have too many gifts – just be sure to include a price range.

At the end of the day, the registry is one element of wedding planning that actually doesn’t make a difference in how the actual big day turns out. Remember that, and try not to stress out and spend too much time on it.

Happy planning!

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