Proper Etiquette for Wedding Thank-You Notes

Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean the planning is completely done. As the bride and groom, you still have one big thing left to do: Write your wedding thank-you notes.

People went out of their way to pick out a nice gift (or write a nice check) for you. Show your appreciation both for the gift and for making the effort to come to your wedding. A simple thank-you note goes a long way.

With the help from Your Wedding Iowa vendors, we’ve got a few tips on making this part as fun as possible and not just one more stressful thing to do. Read on for the proper thank-you etiquette.

Wedding Thank-You Notes: Who, When and How

Who to Thank

Be warned, your list of people to thank is likely to be long. Not only does every person who gave you a gift deserve a thank-you note, but basically anyone who helped make your day perfect should know how much it meant to you. Don’t forget to thank:

Anyone who gave you a gift (money or material), whether it be for your engagement, bridal shower or weddingYour bridal party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, personal attendants, officiant)Vendors who exceeded your expectationsYour parents or whoever hostedAnyone who did you favorsPeople who housed or entertained your out-of-town guests

Time Frame

Aim to get your thank yous out within three months after you receive the gift. People understand that newlyweds need time to relax and, well, be newlyweds for a while, but after some time they might start to worry that you didn’t actually receive their gift. Then they wonder if it would be awkward to ask…because they didn’t get a thank you…you know how that goes. Avoid the awkwardness, and get your thank yous out within three months.


Since you dealt with the invitations and save-the-dates so long ago, aren’t you just itching for another way to be creative?

Maybe, maybe not. Either way, there are easy solutions for you. Check out central Iowa’s talented designers for a custom-made thank-you note. Let them create a cute, creative design, and all you have to worry about is writing a heartfelt message.

Another popular option is to use a professional photo from your wedding. Either use a prop on your wedding day that says “thank you,” or make a thank-you card using one of your favorite pictures. If you hired one of these amazing local photographers, you’ll want to show off your professional photos.

The most important thing with wedding thank-you notes is to actually send them out. Even if months have passed since your wedding, don’t use it as an excuse to not write your thank yous. Better late than never!

Stay tuned to Your Wedding Iowa this month for more tips on thanking your family, bridal party, vendors and anyone who went above and beyond to make your wedding perfect.


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