Tips for Managing Wedding Planning Stress: Part 2

Last week, I shared a few tips that helped me get through the busy and hectic week before my wedding. If you missed that post, you can check it out here.

Today I have a few more things for you to try that will help you relax and enjoy your wedding day.

1. Resemble the mood you want to see in others.

What’s there to stress out about?

One of the many things I loved about my wedding day was that everyone–my bridesmaids, my family, my hair and makeup people–all seemed to be having a blast. Our whole wedding party was having fun and getting along. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Like I said, things got crazy during the week. Kyle and I did our best to be relaxed and focus on the joy of everything happening around us. It was chaos managing so many friends and family members, but it was awesome to have so many of them there who wanted to be with us. So we relaxed and enjoyed it, knowing that we would likely not be able to get all of our group here to our city at the same time ever again.

Our joy for the event spread to everyone else. And while it’s hard to have individual moments with all of your people during that busy time, it’s satisfying to see everyone having a good time together.

2. Approach everything in a relaxed state.

You certainly can’t control everything that comes up the week of your wedding, but you can control how you respond. Don’t waste your energy by freaking out. Try venting to your mom for one minute, then drop any negativity around the situation and attempt to solve it in a relaxed state. The problem will be there either way–you might as well not lose steam by expending all your energy getting worked up about it.

3. Admit when you don’t have the answer.

You are the bride and likely did the majority of the planning. Everyone will have questions for you, and you may not have all the answers.

Remember, it is not always your job to answer them. Some things only you can take care of, and you want your guests to have a good experience, so do your best to get them what they need. In other cases, don’t get stressed out if you don’t know the answer. Direct them to your wedding planner, to your mom or maid of honor, to your vendors, anyone who may be able to help when you’re already buried in other details.

4. Visualize your wedding day.

When Wedding Day comes and you want to jump out of bed and start the big day, lay there for a few moments longer. Visualize the day ahead.

How do you see yourself? How do you want to feel? How do you want your groom to see you? How are you going to greet your guests? How are you going to treat the vendors who are working so hard to make your day perfect? Think about these things and visualize them. Set the right mindset for the day, and go live out that mindset!

Keep this trick in mind for the days leading up as well. When times get busy and stressful, sit down and close your eyes for a moment. Visualize yourself dancing with your new husband at your reception. Visualize stuffing each other’s faces with cake. Visualize your big smooch when they announce you husband and wife. Then smile.

5. Trust others on the big day.

When the day comes, there is nothing left for you to do but be pampered, have fun and take it all in. If there was a problem at the rehearsal, trust that someone will make sure it is taken care of. If you were unsure about a seating arrangement, trust that it will work out.

You can’t change or fix anything at this point, so relax. If people had questions before, this is when they work together to make it stress-free for you. Everyone wants you to be nothing but happy on your wedding day, and if they love you, they will do everything they need to do to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Your wedding day is indeed an accomplishment and a thing to be celebrated. You’ve found someone to share life’s experiences and grow with. But the planning can be stressful, and that is okay to admit. Embrace the journey, overcome the stressful moments, relax and enjoy the day you’ve been dreaming about.

About the Blogger: Michelle Chalkey is a Des Moines-based freelance writer. Her writing has appeared in Iowa Living MagazinesAround Iowa, and Parachute by Mapquest. Michelle’s Iowa wedding was in September, and she has learned the do’s and don’t bothers of wedding planning. To learn more about Michelle, visit her website at

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