Tips for Taking an Engagement Ring Selfie

You can’t get enough of that shiny new ring on your finger, and you’re ready to share it with your world. Whether through texts to your friends and family or posts to your Facebook and Instagram followers, you want that picture to capture every angle of the dazzling beauty in your engagement ring.

We know how much that ring means to you, and we want to help you show it off the right way. Before you go post-crazy, consider the following tips to take the best engagement ring selfie.

Common Courtesy

You’re excited to tell the world your news and you have every right to be. But before you post anything on social media, breathe for a moment and be conscious of others.

Text or call your closest family members and friends who might be hurt if you didn’t tell them personally before telling the digital world.Be careful not to overdo it with social media pictures. Getting engaged is a huge celebration, but don’t flood the News Feeds with pictures of your engagement ring. We encourage you to take several pictures of your ring, but only post one or two!Remember the man you love behind the dazzling diamond. Include your fiance in your picture for a more romantic tone.

Set the Stage

Now that you’ve told the people closest to you about your engagement, it’s time to take some selfies of your ring to share with them. Here are a few fun ways to get your hand ready for the spotlight:

DIY hand treatment: If you’ve been emotional and crying since the proposal, load up on water to de-puff your fingers. Exfoliate your hands and give yourself a simple manicure. Choose a nail polish color that’s authentic to you, and moisturize your hands (even just your left hand, if that’s all you have time for!).Remove other jewelry. It’s all about the diamond, so let your new engagement ring take the stage.Choose natural props. Are you a huge fan of coffee, or are you known for making a killer martini? Whatever your drink of choice, use it as a prop for your engagement ring selfie. Other ideas might be a book, a cookie or even your dog – your props should be things that people associate you with because of your lifestyle or passion for them. Get creative!

Get Technical

You want the picture to capture every gorgeous detail of your ring, so play around with angles and the settings on your phone or camera. A few technical aspects to think about:

Lighting: Take a minute to find the best lighting to capture your ring. Go outside to get natural light or open the blinds. Fluorescents and yellow-bulb lights don’t work too well.Angle: Find an angle that hits the features you like most about the ring.Focus: If you have an iPhone, tap the screen right over your ring to correct the focus. Doing so will make your photo look more professional.Don’t zoom: Zooming in may compromise the photo quality. Hold your camera at about half an arm’s length, then crop it closer if you need to.

Experiment with different technical aspects and props and take as many photos of your ring as you need, but remember to only post the best one to your social media accounts.

Have fun sharing your engagement ring selfie!

We want to see your ring too! Upload your engagement ring selfie to Twitter with the hashtag #ringselfie and tweet us @yourweddingiowa. 


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