Top 8 Wedding Cake Flavors

Even though wedding desserts are branching out in a variety of ways – cupcakes, donuts, ice cream sundae bars – the traditional wedding cake is still a choice you can trust. While you might want to get more creative with flavors, the following 10 are among the most popular that you can rely on to please your guests:

1. White Chocolate with Raspberry

Raspberry jam, raspberry cream or fresh raspberry filling are all delicious pairings to a traditional white-chocolate cake flavor. The tart fruityness combined with rich white chocolate is sure to satisfy.

2. Vanilla

Vanilla is always a safe option to offer. This simple, basic flavor works as a good base to infuse with a more adventurous filling. That way, guests at least have the vanilla cake if they don’t dig the fun filling flavor.

3. Coconut

Coconut is becoming more and more popular in the cake world, with its sweet and creamy flavor adding a beach feel to the dessert experience. Pair it with your favorite fruit filling for a tropical-tasting cake.

4. Champagne

The classic champagne flavor is a fun reminder that this dessert represents a celebration. Champagne cake pairs well with a strawberry buttercream frosting or rum-flavored custard.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate is another safe option that has the potential for fun flavor pairings and different levels of richness. Make it classy with accents like mint or strawberry, or add indulgent elements like chocolate fudge or coconut.

6. Lemon

This citrus flavor is a popular choice among spring and summer weddings, providing a light subtle twist on a white cake. Lemon buttercream or a raspberry whipped cream add an extra delicious touch.

7. Almond

Perhaps the most popular, timeless flavor of them all, almond is perfect for wedding cakes. Almond has been associated with weddings for decades. It adds that extra zing to a plain white cake that reminds guests of the beauty taking place. And it doesn’t have to be plain – pair it with raspberry or chocolate to add even more flavor!

8. Carrot

A little more daring than the rest, this nutty flavor is still a classic among weddings. Cream cheese frosting works well with carrot cake, or a maple buttercream for a fall wedding!

It’s fun to offer a variety of flavors and try out exciting tastes that are unique to you, but when you’re serving dozens of guests, you want to keep their tastes in mind too. Offering at least one traditional flavor gives guests a safety net to fall back on. You can’t go wrong with one of these classic flavors.


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